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Evoking Quality Living

via  P . A . N  Approach { Pan-, a Greek πᾶν, pan prefix -; meaning “all”, “of everything”, “involving all” }


P.   { Philosophy }  |

A.   { Art }  |

N.   { Nature }  |

Embracing All Senses …

To be Inspiring | To be Inspired | To Inspire | … Always .


The Icon

Global ambassador for senses studio | Immersed in the aesthetics of the quality of living |




Aesthetics of Senses

renaissance of quality living






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    Reinforcing Aesthetics of Senses /

    Being able to perceive the diverse beauty of human senses, to search for the authenticity of experiences and the quality of living, to continuously inspire and to be continuously inspired | the vision /

  • 2

    Revisiting Classics /

    Art takes Nature as its model { Aristoteles } | senses studio nurtures the art of living and the aesthetics of senses by curating Art, Philosophy and Nature | the credo /

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    Recreating Simplicity /

    senses studio evokes innovation, traditions and classics in its approach towards style, thinking and living | Cultivating quality, simplicity and authenticity of being | the foundations /




Originality of Experience




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The Signature Collection



The Signature Collection



Authenticity of Living

evoking the quality of experiences





Starting from the 21st century

Innovative but classical, progressive but traditional, influential but reflective, simple but purposeful, senses studio is reinforcing the aesthetics of human senses | Under the vision of creative director Dr Ania A Drzewiecka, the House is evoking the quality of living for the 21st century via P { Philosophy = Thoughts } A { Art } N { Nature } | Contemporary and classical—senses studio label stands for the essence of living, the honour of the quality and aesthetics, the principle of the authenticity of daily moments |

senses studio is part of .Inspiring, a globally focused visual identity and branding practice that supports brands in assessing their visual identity-based equity and re-evaluating their positioning, more {}

Discover the inspiration behind Ania’s collections, exclusively on the Canvas |


ART – Illustrated






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Evoking Quality Living