"Veni Vidi Amavi { I came, I saw, I loved }" | Renaissance of aesthetics ...

Evoking the Quality of Living

Aesthetics of experiences led by human senses amalgamate daily moments, events, happenings and feelings into our own unique form of being | Art and Nature, oftentimes unnoticed, accompany diverse areas of the world we live in … and thoughts we share …

studio senses seeks inspirations in artistic, nature-related and thoughts-driven experiences, uncovers the essence of the authentic beauty of living by focusing on human senses |

Guided by the aesthetics of life moments, senses studio continuously searches for quality living by embracing its’ dimensions of Art, Nature and Philosophy |

Canvas share an endlessly enriched stream of influences, inspirations and motives that revive quality life… 



Dr Ania A Drzewiecka Creative Director

The Process

  • 01


    The momentum of multi-sensori stimulation | The Lightning

  • 02

    Self - Reflection

    The momentum of conscious effort of thoughtful analysis | The Wind

  • 03


    The momentum of awakening | The Rain

  • 04


    The momentum of continuous creation, questioning and answering | The Thunderstorm

  • 05


    The momentum of the finale | The Sun




the Collection |

reviving the art of communication |