E for eccentricity, the alphabet of senses studio | The ABC of quality living


The persistent quality of being eccentric lays in its uniqueness | This kind of aesthetics does not depend on any loud, constant attention of cheering crowds; its beauty shines through the unspoken quality of being different, being unconventional, being individual … being yourself | Always


/ A A Drzewiecka


Eccentricity, the quality of living, oftentimes disregarded, devaluated, dismissed or carefully removed from the way we tend to behave in social surroundings for the sake of conformity. Stop Here. NOW. Reverse. Read: unconventional or irregular behaviour and the state, quality, or amount of being eccentric, this is the eccentricity, as explained in the Collins Dictionary. A state that allows your own individuality to reach its potential | A frame that empowers our sometimes bizarre, slightly quirky or peculiar, for some appearing as normal for others a bit odd or unusual, desires or ideas to be launched into living …


That so few now dare to be eccentric, marks the chief danger of the time

/ J S Mill


Eccentricity { ɛksɛnˈtrɪsɪti }, the moment when any masks, uniformity standards and common perceptions are downgraded to the level II of our hierarchy of quality living; the state of mind that gives a pure joy stripped of any judgmentally based neurotic thoughts of being different as something far away from being valuable |


Dr David Weeks sees eccentricity through a prism of characteristics that contribute to overall health-being and ability to lead happier longer lives. In his research Albert Einstein, Alexander G Bell, as well as Dr Patch Adams, are the prime examples of eccentricity as the quality of exceptional living enriched by unique heritage of inventions, thoughts and worth-coping courage and will to live |



Being eccentric means being non-conformative, creative, curiously motivated, idealistic, immersed in various hobbies, being aware of being different from an early age, intelligent, opinionated and outspoken, non-competitive, unusual living habits, uninterested in others opinions, humorous, single, only or single child, bad speller,

says Dr Weeks


Constantly creating the art of own being, own thinking, and own living is the simple but how inspiring principle of humankind. Being responsible for the very individual appearance in life that is founded on authentic eccentricity allows our own desires, ideas and aspirations to be heard, shared and fulfilled… empowering future to present opportunities and challenges for our own advantage of living quality life |


Being unconventional has various types of meanings when it comes to cultures and their very specific perceptions of eccentricity; for instance, wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt in the middle of December as walking alongside the banks of River Thames is pretty normal for Londoners, however, it can be seen as a slightly odd style if observed by Warsaw-native visitors dressed in raincoats, scarves and winter warming boots. The beauty of multicultural perceptions, ideas and presentations is vividly embraced by eccentrics  who not only create unique dimensions of living but more often leave astonishing pots of heritage for next generations to treasure |


The moral of this edit of Alphabetica Notes is if you want to take a lobster for a walk on a rainy day… { just like Oscar Wilde } do not allow anything / anybody to stop you… Embrace It | Enjoy It | Eccentricize It



“One of the eccentric passions of mine is engaging in the aesthetics of living via art, nature and thoughts, discovering the quality of daily moments … and my perfect peculiar weirdness is ecotherapy … an early morning jog in woods,

getting lost in the freshly arrived book, creating a new piece of photography and mastering the perfect exposure of the black and white shot …  and… still discovering more | Be eccentric … ”  Ania A Drzewiecka